Elephantparade VII

Dolphin, Mountain gorillas and others.

Mountain gorillas live in the forests of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda but the clearing of the forest has made them homeless. In addition to being hunted for meat, mountain gorillas are also illegally hunted for trophies and live infants. As of September 2016, only an estimated 880 mountain gorillas remain. 

The Maui’s dolphins, (less than 100) found in the waters of New Zealand, are faced with threats such as pollution of the environment, climate change, and commercial harvest. The dolphins are on the brink of extinction due to entanglement in fishing gear. The most talked about dolphin harvest occurs in Japan.

And last but not least it is the artist S.P. that is endangered. With declining prospects of making a living by making art (which is looked upon by the society as a hobby), the professional artist finds it hard to thrive. In spite of this they will survive because artists will always try and find their way to reform daily routine.


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