Elephant parade

Right now around 20 painted endangered animals cover my elephant for the Elephantparade. Why are these species endangered? Because of the destroyed nature, disappearing tropical woods, humans who are defending their stock. Because of the intensive fishing, the plastic soup, the insecticide on the crops. Some of these animals (like the Armour panther) need large territory, which is more and more scarce . The insects (bees) feed themselves on insecticide sprayed on the flowers in order the keep them fresh. Inside the stomachs of whales, turtles, tunas and birds plastic is found; reason for their death. The polar-bear, due to climate change, is not able to hunt for seal so he starves a cruel death. Opponent voices say: “why don’t these animals, like Darwin’s theory “the survival of the fittest”, adept themselves to the new situation?  Sounds reasonable but we, humans, will be left behind to turn off the lights!

Give me a couple more elephants to paint the rest of the endangered species … Link


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