Blog 11 – the artists

Mieke Everaet (Belgium) and Martin McWilliam (Germany) both arrived one week later than the others. They made the most stunning work in just a few days. Mieke makes a ‘chamber pot’ from the time of Louis XIV and Martin created a few small vases ‘inside, outside”. Vilma Villaverde(Argentina) is the oldest lady of the artists. Her work is huge: gigantic ladys making a split jump. Of course she has an assistant. She is quit famous in the ceramic world as well as Mieke and Martin. From the hands of Hidemi Tokutake, (Japan) appear strange flowery forms, as if they come from deep down ocean. I know her from before, she is outgoing and expressive, and gives the group a special flavor by her positive attitude. Last night we all were thanked by the lady owner of the compound with a barbecue and Tibetan music. It was cold outside but her gratitude was warm since she was happy to see the compound ful of life with this wonderful project.

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