Blog 10 – the artists

The group artists in Majiayao is a nice mixture. We not only have different nationalities but as well as cultures but we are also at different stages in our career. Some are at their peak, others are starters and so on. These are my studio mates: There is John Higgins (UK) who is like a magician on the wheel, play-full and impulsive, making something new every time. Liesbeth Kamp (NL) is the opposite, she works in a balanced way, no mistakes or surprises. Paul-Robin Sjöström (S) has the same approach; very slowly he produces weird forms (the camel?). His pullovers and bag show his fascination for colors. Sang Woo Kim, (Korea) wanders around and whispers now and then, very silent. Flat stones if I may call them like that are experiments full of cracks. He smoothens them till they shine. And Mark Jansens (B) produces two “sad boys”, standing figures with a variety of expressions on the head. He mutilates the figures until they reach their full expression. Mechtild Pauwe (NL) makes a connection with the pottery of Majiayao. Her vase will be thrown into pieces and buried until it is excavated by the next generation. More about the other artists in the following blog. 

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